What is Nahua Yoga?

"Nahua" refers to the traditional language of Mesoamerica "Nawatl", which means "harmonious sound". It is also known as "Nawals" to the bearers of the millennial knowledge of America, who have gained access to the vehicle that goes beyond the physical body.

Nahua Yoga is a contemporary style that rescues and redesigns a set of techniques and exercises preserved from Prehispanic America, equivalent to the Yoga of India, the Greek Gymnosophy and the martial arts of China and Japan.
We seek to share, with the heart, the knowledge of the Toltecs inherited by various Anahuac lineages, as well as honoring the practice of Yoga in Mexico.

Our principles:



Balance, proportion and correspondence adequate between the different elements of a set. Where there is harmony there is a manifestation worthy and evolutionary of the universe.

Nahua Yoga Pirámide


Effective achievement of aspirations or individual and collective life goals. The power of conversion of a project, a dream or a wish to reality.

Nahu Yoga en Mexico Sello

The methodology of NAHUA Yoga develops in 3 fundamental pillars:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Nahua Yoga located?

Nahua Yoga is a brand represented by Yogis throughout Mexico. There is still no established school or place where Nahua Yoga is shared. Our workshops and classes depend on where the teachers are.

Do you offer online courses or workshops?

Yes; we offer online courses and workshops. Our online courses are clicking here. To receive more information, click here to follow us on social networks.

Are Dreaming techniques safe?

Nahua Yoga does not promote reverie without some practice and prior knowledge on the subject. The techniques we share are safe as long as they are practiced in the way we approach them, as well as being a support tool and not escape from reality.

How are Nahualism and Yoga related?

They have a lot to do. In this project the word Yoga is used referring to both the practice of Asanas (physical practice) from Hinduism and its spiritual teachings. This project seeks to twin teachings of Pre-Hispanic America and India and make them accessible to most Yoga practitioners in Mexico.

What are your therapies based on?

Nahua Yoga does not offer therapies as such, but experiences with therapeutic potential. Each teacher is a practitioner and specialist in the area he shares. Transpersonal Psychology, NLP, Physiotherapy and Empowerment techniques are some tools that support our workshops and classes.

Our job is to filter the teachings of Ancient Mexico to make their understanding something digestible and accessible to practitioners with previous personal self-realization work.

Do you use power plants or hallucinogens?

Do not. Nahua Yoga does not promote the use of hallucinogenic ancestral plants of any kind. The only plant that is used for singing, dance and apapacho ceremonies is pure Cacao legally produced in Mexico.

Any recommendation from Nahua Yoga regarding herbalism (legal) should not be considered as a medical opinion.

Is the Recapitulation safe?

The practice of Recapitulation is promoted in order to release negative or limiting emotions and beliefs in the practitioner. We have the ability to recognize sensitive cases of serious disorders. With them we prefer that they be approached with specialists of another type outside of Nahua Yoga.

How can I participate in the project?

You can request to become a member of Nahua Yoga or have one of our workshops be taught in your holistic center, institute or event. To do this send us a detailed message by clicking on this link.