Nahua Yoga en Mexico

Nahua Yoga - Level 1

Imparted by Joshua Reyna.

Nahu Yoga en Mexico Sello

Power your brain and expand your mind through the body.

In this series of practical classes we will connect with the Nahual and his world that is spiritual and energetic. We will learn and recognize the entrance bridge to the use of our energy body (intention and visualization) which is based on the belief of this other world. Through practice, it will lead us to the expansion and awareness of our being (body-mind) to experience and make use of energy magic. We will obtain the vital power of the breathing and the focus. These two factors are the key and the lock to the union of the physical and energy worlds.

We will unite the practice of Yogis and Nahuals.

Nahu Yoga en Mexico Sello

Series of 5 videos (online classes):

Nahua Yoga Logo

"Men and women should only reflect and wish until the moment when their body is ready to undertake the travel. "

Don Juan Matus

Course benefits

  • Simple and Deep

    In 5 sessions 45-60 minutes we will share topics that will transform the way you see the world.

  • Practical

    Each session includes practical exercises that you can apply in your daily life.

  • Easy access

    The videos will remain online so that you have easy access to all of them whenever you want. The videos are in Spanish.

  • Value

    $699 MXN $500 MXN.