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An introductory course in philosophy Toltecs, wisdom inherited from Anahuac (America). In this course you will get powerful practical tools that will radically change the way you perceive the world. Learn about mythology and millennial thought, to recapitulate, to find the inner silence already decree to manifest.

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This course offers a deep and practical immersion in the Toltec philosophy. The objective of the course is to initiate the participant in art of living like a warrior. According to Toltec thought, living as a warrior does not have to do with the European concept of war, violent and in order to conquer, but rather it is a way of having the intrinsic energy of our body, mind and spirit to achieve the best version of ourselves.

  • Simple and Deep: On 6 sessions 40 minutes We will share topics that will transform the way you see the world.
  • Practical: Each session includes practical exercises that you can apply in your daily life.
  • Easy access: The videos will remain online so that you have easy access to all of them whenever you want.

When making your purchase, you will download a PDF with a link and access password.


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