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Observe and Practice

In recent years we have witnessed a commodification of practically everything around us. Even what we consider most sacred has become a product and even a fashion. Yoga has not escaped this phenomenon, which, in my opinion, is not entirely negative because thanks to this, it has been able to reach a greater number of people. It is common that, as Westerners, we tend to approach the practice to incorporate it into our physical exercise routine. However, when we persist on this path, we can realize that what the practice of yoga can offer us is much more than the benefit of a healthy body.


Contact with the teacher (without distinction of gender) is essential, since he is the one who will transmit us the desire to continue exploring the possibilities that yoga offers us. Practicing with others is undoubtedly an extremely rewarding experience, not only on a social but also energetic level. However, it seems to me that the only way to really dig deeper is through a commitment to personal practice. Observe ourselves day by day, recognize what our body, our mind and our breathing tell us and from there understand that what we need to practice is not necessarily a rigid series, nor what my neighbor next door does. Observing ourselves allows us to choose what we need today to give us the opportunity to continue transcending and thus glimpse what we essentially are.


In the second Nahua Yoga workshop our intention is to share some techniques that, in our experience, have been useful for making decisions regarding a daily personal practice. Likewise, we will review groups of postures analyzing the benefits that each of them can provide us, as well as different techniques of breathing, visualization and meditation. This seems very important to us because we think that, especially at this time, when it is difficult for many of us to attend the places where we normally practice, we can take the opportunity to delve into this path in a different way. We invite you to participate with us.


When you start your journey to Ithaca
You must pray that the journey is long
full of adventures, full of experiences.
You need not fear the Latrigons or the Cyclops,
nor the anger of the angry Poseidon.
Never such monsters will you find on your way
if your thinking is high, if an exquisite
emotion penetrates your soul and your body.
The Lalestrygons and the Cyclopes
and the fierce poseidon won't be able to find you
if you don't already carry them inside, in your soul,
if your soul does not conjure them before you.
You must pray that the journey is long,
may there be many summer days;
May they see you arrive with joy, happily,
to ports that you previously ignored.
May you stop at the markets of Phenicia,
and buy some beautiful merchandise:
mother of pearl, coral, ebony, and amber,
and pleasant perfumes of a thousand kinds.
Go to many cities in Egypt
to learn, and learn from those who know.
Always keep the idea of Ithaca in your soul:
get there, here is your destiny.
But do not rush your way;
it better last many years,
and that you arrive, already old, to the small island,
rich of how much you will have earned on the way.
You do not expect Ithaca to enrich you:
Ithaca has already given you a beautifil trip.
Without them, you would never have left;
but it has nothing else to offer you.
And if you find her poor, Ithaca has not deceived you.
And being so old, with so much experience,
no doubt you will already know what the Ithacas mean. "

- Konstantínos Kaváfis

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  1. Mari Nieves on 06/10/2021 at 7:33 PM

    Liliana's classes are great; structured, dynamic, adaptable to different levels, varied and that
    encompass all the senses. We miss you Lilly...

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